Thiot Ingenierie

Created in 1988, THIOT INGENIERIE first focused its business on laboratory launchers, basis of all technologies developed by the company afterwards. Little by little, the company has become a leader in this field and the supplier of the most renowned research centers in the military and space fields.

Later THIOT INGENIERIE has diversified its activity with special machines used in the pyrotechnic field, another high-technology activity in which its design team has evolved, dealing with daily challenges.

This wide experience is an asset in our core business, on which the company is firmly focused. THIOT INGENIERIE today is deeply rooted in a history rich of various technological experiences and opened out to a future which will strengthen its notoriety all over the world.

Research and Development

THIOT INGENIERIE is a leading company in the field of high-performance launchers. Nevertheless the company has decided to keep developing this technology, in particular regarding testing miniaturization and velocities close to 10 km/s.

Maintaining a technological watch, developing and creating new concepts, and getting ready for meeting needs not yet expressed are the goals of the company: the company dedicates a substantial part of its turnover to these activities, activities that will bring future projects.


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