Electro Hydraulic Drives

Gain outstanding power that works with the precision of a Swiss movement. Receive assured but tamed momentum within your equipment. Put high speed high dynamic digitally controlled muscles in your machines. With electro hydraulic drives designed by Curtiss Wright Drive Technology you will meet and master the highest industrial application requirements.

Your Applications and Needs

  • Highly dynamic electro hydraulic drives, valves and actuators 
with proven positioning and repetitive accuracy
  • Forces of up to 900 kN, moved at speeds of up to 2 m/s with an acceleration of up to 300 m/s² using pressures of up to 300 bar
  • Hydraulic valves for fuel injection
  • Servo hydraulic for printing and tooling machinery, plastics engineering, textiles and woodworking industry etc.
  • Torque amplifier in series application
  • Ramming drive for ammunition loading etc.


    Technical Data

Valve type 2-stage 3/2 way directional valve
Max. flow rate up to 2000l/min
Maximum working pressure 250 bar
Reaction time less than 12ms
Guaranteed life cycle 250 x 106 cycles


Technical Data

Valve type 1-stage 3 way directional walve
Max. flow rate 6-25 l/min.
Maximum working pressure 250 bar
Reaction time up to 2 ms
Guaranteed life cycle 250 x 106 cycles


Valve type 2-stage 2 way directional walve
Max. flow rate 500-1500l/min
Maximum working pressure 250 bar
Reaction time less than 15 ms
Guaranteed life cycle 250 x 106 cycles



The demand for increasingly more effective, higher performing, and consequently, more complex weapon systems have accelerated the development of semi- and fully-automatic loading systems for both mobile and stationary gun systems. Requirements such as:

  • burst fire
  • higher rates of fire
  • consistent reliability of loading cycles
  • smooth ammunition handling
  • remote control of weapon systems
  • loading in isolated or poorly accessible compartments
  • crew reduction

have created a need for new solutions.
Flick Rammers were developed specifically to answer these needs and can be installed in a variety of artillery systems:

  • field howitzers
  • self-propelled howitzers
  • fortress guns

Flick Rammers facilitate high rates of fire and guarantee a consistent ramming depth at all elevations. Because of their compact design concept and simple controls, Flick Rammers are eminently suitable for retrofitting. Depending on the space available on the gun and the ammunition loading mode desired, Flick Rammers can be installed in both horizontal and vertical loading arm options. Through the use of a flow control system for speed setting rather than the more conventional pressure type, Flick Rammers provide outstanding advantages:

  • low system pressure (120 bar)
  • high operational safety
  • simple operation
  • high reliability
  • low power consumption
  • low maintenance
  • simple retrofitting
  • minimal dimensions
  • high capacity reserves

Under field conditions, a wide variety of different guns using CWDT Flick Ramming Systems have demonstrated outstanding results, firing thousands of rounds of live ammunition reliably. For example, using a fully automatic fortress gun, only 10 seconds were required to fire a complete 3-round burst.

Flick Ramming System
for M 109 self-propelled gun. CWDT has specifically developed and tested a system which is particularly well suited to retrofitting existing or equipping new M 109 self-propelled guns.

  1. Flick Ramming system installed in an M 109 self-propelled gun in the loading position.
  2. Flick Ramming system in the ramming position.




Improve your motion sequences. Implement life-long positioning accuracy. Let the machines dance perfectly in step. With servo drives designed by Curtiss Wright Drive Technology you will retain complete control in harsh and industrial environments.

Your Applications and Needs

  • High-performance, maintenance free, small and medium sized servo drives
  • High dynamics and pressure, high acceleration, high resolution and
    positioning accuracy, high power in a compact design
  • Drives and actuators for various industrial applications and manufacturing
    systems e.g. printing and textile machinery, packaging machinery,
    plastics processing machines, robotics, etc.

Our solutions
Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology provides a wide range of servo drives, servo-hydraulic actuators and torque amplifiers with advanced motion control technology. They represent state-of-the-art engineering. They come with high positioning accuracy and outstanding characteristics such as high repetitive accuracy, position loop, integrated encoder, brushless motors, high dynamics and pressure.

The offer
Have a look on our servo drives solutions and navigate through our selection. Find the right drive for your application or ask for customized design.

Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology offers COTS engineering services linked with our qualified manufacture capabilities and professional project management. Your benefit: Swiss made precision and know-how associated with the skills of the Curtiss Wright Group.

Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology – Your #1 engineering partner in the field of electro hydraulic drives.


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