Thiot Ingenierie

Laboratory Launchers:

Compressed gas guns for velocities up to 1,100 m/s
Powder guns for velocities between 500 and 2,500 m/s
Two-stage light gas guns for velocities between 500 and 8,500 m/s

Whatever the purpose of the system, we will find out the best solution from our catalogue and make the necessary adjustments to make it fit the requirements. The caliber of the launch tube may be selected within a wide range between 5 and 350 mm.

Hopkinson Bars:

  • Bar diameters: 20 mm (standard)
  • Material : depends on the nature of the material to be tested (steel, aluminum alloy, polycarbonate as standard)
  • Operating temperature: up to 550 °C as a basic version
  • Impact velocity measurement system using optical barriers
  • Continuous measurement of specimen temperature, using an infrared sensor
  • Very fast recording system for strain gauges (1 Ms/s, up to 4 channels)
  • Remote controlled system, from specimen heating up to experimental signals monitoring

Explosion Containment Chambers:

Containment chambers supplied by THIOT INGENIERIE usually are designed to meet specific client’s requirements (multi-shot or single-shot type, gas explosion or detonation, etc.).

Range: from some grams to several Kgs of equivalent TNT
Calculation codes used to design these explosion containment chambers are duly calibrated in THIOT INGENIERIE’s laboratory by material shock physics characterization testing.



Autofrettage / High Precision Techniques:

Double-stroke pumps usually are used for pressures up to 6,000 bar. Above this value, specific single-stroke generators are used up to 14,000 bar. Very high pressure valves, seals and other fittings are designed and manufactured by THIOT INGENIERIE. Maintenance is then very limited as these components are not subjected to severe fatigue. Machines are controlled thanks to a supervision, which ensures a greater operating safety level and a better repeatability of the pressurization process.

Other technologies:

- Mechanical autofrettage or swaging
– Electronic bore gauge especially designed for very long tubes
– Pressure regulation at a very high level of pressure (above 1,000 bar)
Equipment and accessories working under pressure, supplied by THIOT INGENIERIE, are checked by a certification organization in order to comply with the European directive 97/23/CE.
The large range of equipment supplied by THIOT INGENIERIE in the past allows us today to be the perfect partner for manufacturing new equipment under pressure and improve existing ones.



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