RWS Camera System

The MAGNEL series of integrated zoom cameras for Remote Weapon Systems is the perfect choice for day-sight systems demanding the utmost electro-optical performance under extreme conditions of temperature, shock and vibration.
CST’s zoom camera systems are designed with high-precision bore-sighting that is retained even when exposed to the harsh RWS environment. The camera system is rugged enough to be mounted directly on the gun barrel, for use on land-, vehicle- (tracked and wheeled) as well as for naval-based remote weapon stations.
CST can provide solutions either based on off-the-shelf components or custom designed combinations of cameras and lenses, to fit a specific Remote Weapon Station configuration.

Key features:

  • High-precision bore-sight retention
  • Extremely high shock and vibration tolerance
  • Oil-free lens construction for high reliability and durability
  • Compact design with combination of optical and digital zoom
  • External video input for combining with thermal camera
  • Wide operating temperature range, -40°C to 70°C



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