Stabilization Systems

Stability and Safety

Standstill at full speed – a contradiction? Not at Curtiss-Wright.
This principle applies to all the stabilization systems of Curtiss-Wright Antriebstechnik GmbH.
Even when driving fast on uneven terrain, our system ensures maximum stabilization.

Our stabilization systems are used in both civil and military applications.
Our international customer bases includes renowned companies of the railway industry, the military, as well as the film industry.

Strong Service for Our International Customers

As one of the leading global manufacturers of stabilization technology, we offer more than customer-specific solutions. Our service ranges from development and RAMS management all the way to commissioning.

MRO service, employee training, obsolescence management, and testing are only a few examples of our extensive range of services.
Services which our customer value.
Through the interaction with application support and technical service, every customer receives the optimal customized solution.
Everything from one source!

Train Tilting Technology – Fast and Comfortable

Long service times, low-maintenance, and robust – these are the qualities required by a tilting system used in trains.

Our reliable tilting system affords a considerable increase in curve speed.
High reaction speed, precise controls, and CAN bus connections ensure the success of the Curtiss-Wright tilting system.

As an ISO-certified company, we are familiar with international industry standards (especially IEC, VG, EN) and act strictly and consistently according to these standards.

Features of the Tilting Drivese

  • Higher curve speed
  • Better passenger comfort
  • Low power consumption, low noise
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Small sizes and low weight of the components
  • EMI-Protection according the MIL-Standard
  • High reliability
  • Reduced traveling time
  • To be used on existing tracks

Tilting Systems Components

  • Electromechanical Active Tilting Technology
  • Linear Drive for Bogies
  • Rotary Drive for Pantograph
  • Coach Tilting Controller
  • Power Electronics for Bogies and Current Collector

Aiming and Stabilization Systems – Robust and Safe

Governments and security organizations worldwide face the challenge of protecting their country and their citizens.
The Aiming and Stabilization System gives deployed troops a considerable boost to their self-protection. Maximum precision and reliability under extreme conditions are the basis for a secure deployment of troops.

Modular System

Our stabilization systems can be used both in main battle tanks and in remote weapon stations. We develop an individual solution to fit every requirement in order to achieve maximum precision in target observation and engagement.

We emphasize the excellent manufacture and long-term reliability of our products. This commitment to quality is implemented all the way from development to production.
Our products and systems all meet military guidelines as a result of our high quality standards.

Product Benefits:

  • Huge Variants of System-Components:Scalable systems for small, mid-size and large applications or platforms
    • Hand Controller
    • Linear and rotary gear Drives
    • Power Electronic
    • Gyroscopes
    • Harnesses
  • Extreme System Performance:Disturbance Rejection 40db
    • Extremely low speed tracking,
    • stab quality < 0,3 mrad
    • Temperature Range – 46°C to + 71°C
      (Operation – 32°C to + 61°C)
  • Sophisticated BIT
  • System Service Software Tool (DACS View)
  • RAMS, ILS, System integration support

More Stabilization Systems – Take One – Action!

Fast-paced chases, spectacular scenes – our specially developed Stabilization camera arm makes every fast scene a unique cinematic experience!

Special applications require specialists.
In this, there are no limits to our ideas.

This is where we exploit our strengths – our experience and know-how.
Do you also have special demands and applications?
We would be happy to develop a special solution for you.

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