Displays & MFDs

Curtiss-Wright’s Skyquest products offer a wide range of multi-function rugged LCD displays for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Our high definition military displays are designed for use with FLIR and long range daylight video cameras, moving maps, computers and radar. Our current range extends from 6.5″ through to 20″ units. All our avionics displays offer leading edge functionality including multiple video inputs, VGA inputs, picture-in-picture facility, video freeze frame and digital zoom, internal NVG filters eliminating the need for external NVG filters. These rugged displays include very high brightness, high contrast sunlight readable screens. The rugged high definition airborne qualified mission avionics displays are used with our video management systems.

Aircraft Mission & Avionics Displays

Products Description
20″ LCD Widescreen Mission Display 20″ (50 cm) Widescreen Multi-Function Video Display
15″ LCD Mission Displays 15″ (38 cm) Multi-Function Video Display
12.1″ LCD Mission Display 12.1″ (30 cm) Multi-Function Video Display
10.4″ LCD Mission Displays 10.4″ (26 cm) Multi-Function Video Display
8.4″ LCD Mission Displays 8.4″ (21 cm) Multi-Function Video Display
7″ LCD Widescreen Mission Display 7″ (18 cm) Widescreen Video Display
6.5″ LCD Mission Displays 6.5″ (16 cm) Multi-Function Video Display

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