Septentrio Satellite Navigation

Septentrio Satellite Navigation NV, designs, manufactures, markets and supports high-end dual-frequency GNSS receivers with the best possible performance at a very competitive price. Targeted at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Septentrio’s core technology is being applied in precise positioning, timing and attitude determination applications.
Septentrio Satellite Navigation NV is a young dynamic company founded to commercialize the Satellite Navigation know-how developed at the InterUniversity Micro Electronics Centre (IMEC), the largest independent microelectronics R&D lab. Septentrio’s headquarters are located in Leuven, close to Brussels, capital of Belgium and of the European Union.
Septentrio’s technology is inherently multi-system, dealing with all available satellite navigation signals available today and actively promoting and developing the technology of tomorrow. We actively support customers with customization, prototyping, field-testing and assistance in application integration.
Septentrio has an international team of experts covering all fields of Satellite Navigation design and applications: design of both analogue front-end and digital base band ASICs and modules, development of embedded software, development and implementation of unique high-performance navigation algorithms and expertise in satellite navigation applications from various fields.

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